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Millions of people across the country have already switched.  Switching suppliers keeps you with your same reliable Utility service you had, but now you get to choose the price.  On average customers who switch to a supplier save 30% of their electric bill.

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We get paid from the supplier's not you, so all we are worried about is getting you the best price:

Our Process:

The 1st step is to review your bill to get all the important information needed to properly price your account. 

Bill Review


Supplier Search


The 2nd step is to do a search.  With our sophisticated software we can run your account through multiple suppliers in less time then you can do 1 by yourself.

Account Monitoring

To ensure you never end up paying the default public rate again, we will constantly monitor your account.  


Beyond that the best rate you can get from 1 supplier may be pennies or 30-40% higher then with other suppliers. This happens for a couple reasons. Some suppliers specialize in certain areas and offer their best pricing their. Some suppliers are better with larger commercial accounts and some with smaller residential accounts. Some are good to use for gas but not electric. And so on and so forth. 

Now without the professional opinion of a specialist that does this on a daily basis you will never know if you are getting the best rates. We have spoken to many clients who thought they were in a good place and we were still able to lower their bills 30%

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